Friday, February 13, 2015

District 833 + Kraus-Anderson = LOVE

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
District 833 

Pay-to-Play is used in a variety of situations.  One definition of pay-to-play is when money is exchanged for the privilege of engaging in business or contract opportunities.  Did Kraus-Anderson donate to the South Washington County School District, Vote Yes Committee, to get in the game?  You be the judge.

Vote Yes committees are informational campaigns set up with the help of school districts to promote a referendum. They receive donations from powerful teachers unions and other special interest groups. The following is the Campaign Finance Report from the Vote Yes Committee dated November 11, 2013:

 As you can see from the slide above, Kraus-Anderson donated $2,500 to the Vote Yes campaign to support the referendum.  District 833 was asking voters for $8.5 million to purchase land for a new school.  The ballot question failed.

Kraus-Anderson has an extensive portfolio and has completed many construction projects in District 833 and 834 using taxpayer dollars:

Both the South Washington County Bulletin and the Woodbury Bulletin published the story above.  District 833 is retaining Kraus-Anderson for construction management for projects planned in the coming years.  Based on the evidence we at MN Hockey Mama have presented; what do you think?  Did Kraus-Anderson donate to the Vote Yes Committee to obtain an extensive, multimillion dollar contract?

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