Saturday, November 2, 2013

UPDATED Could "MNTruth" Be A Prominent School District Volunteer?? UPDATED

Last spring, a blog was developed to attempt to smear me, Andrea Mayer-Bruestle, because there are people in the community who do not like the fact that I choose to hold School District 833 accountable for its actions.  At the time, I was not sure whom actually was behind the blog, since the person administrating it was so adept at hiding his/her identity - a real WordPress Pro.  However, that person may have finally, I believe, revealed herself today on Facebook.

First, let me show you the slander blog:

Just kidding - I won't waste my time and space filling it up with that drivel. Feel free to click the link above to see what was said about me.   Also feel free to make comments as you see fit. In any case, MNTruth got a lot of information wrong, like the name of my husband isn't John (if you know me, you know him, so sorry, MNTruth, you don't know me at all).  He is a very hard-working guy and he does earn an honest living - working his butt off in all weather, maintaining an important part of what keeps our country running, working with something that everyone uses every day. He's all blue collar and I'm proud of him.  

Anyway, the last post MNTruth made was sometime in early May, about the same time MNTruth decided to post a few comments on my blogs: 

Yes, I did remove names from the comments MNTruth left for me.  As I said in my "Not Going Anywhere" post, it is my right as a private citizen journalist to edit what is on my blog page.  Again, you'll notice, the comments here were about smearing me, my family and my friends.  

About a week after the last comments posted on this page, a new website started up called  The "About" on this website is eerily similar to the "About" on "MNTruth":

The interesting part about this is the list of names and the fact that the writer says the was built under the advisement of the South Washington County District 833 administration, specifically, Dr. Keith Jacobus.  

Things calmed down for a while, until this fall when I started reporting on the school board race and levy campaign of District 833.  I have friends who are running for school board: Susan Richardson and Leilani Holmstadt and Molly Lutz.  When they have asked for help with their campaign, I've helped: I set up Susan's Facebook page and the Facebook meet and greet event invitation.  I have their signs in my yard.  I've door-knocked with Susan once and helped with a lit drop with a group of volunteers today. Leilani Holmstadt and Susan are sharing expenses, so Leilani's info is on the lit I've helped to drop; otherwise, I've done nothing else with her campaign. I have done nothing with Molly Lutz's campaign - she is someone I've known since the first time the Spanish Immersion parents tried to grab a neighborhood school several years ago.  I support her campaign as a citizen, but I haven't volunteered for her.  My focus has been mainly on watching all the candidates' campaigns and the levy campaign by the 833 Yes Yes Yes group and the school district's information re the levy.  

Apparently, the people I've been watching and reporting on are not too happy about having their activities reported.  Apparently, there are people who believe that the taxpayers should just cough up money any time the school district tells them the sky is going to fall if they don't.  And apparently, "MNTruth" may be one of those people. 

As I said at the beginning, I've had a feeling about the identity of "MNTruth", but it was more of a gut feeling.  Until today.  Today, I believe "MNTruth" decided to step onto the East Metro Tea Party page and personally attack me.  I am an administrator of the EMTP Facebook page and one of the group's organizers because I firmly believe in the Tea Party ideals: Fiscal Responsibility, Free Markets and a Constitutional Limited Government.  I am a ("small l") libertarian, so the Tea Party is a great fit.  Anyway, today a person named "Jim Woodbury" decided to start making the following comments on a variety of posts on our FB page.  Due to the fact that "Jim Woodbury" referenced the comments made on this blog by "MNTruth" and the suspicion I've had about whom was behind "MNTruth" I responded to the comments by calling the person by the name I believed her to be:  Winnie Williams.  

Please note that the person posing as Jim Woodbury failed to address the fact that I responded to him/her as "Winnie." Why not?  If it wasn't Winnie, why wouldn't s/he say so? 

As you can see by the screen shots, "Jim Woodbury" persisted in attacking me.  Facebook has an anti-fake account policy, so "Jim Woodbury" was reported as such.  It wasn't long before "Jim Woodbury" was no longer available.  Knowing that Facebook will remove multiple pages using the same IP address, I checked to see if Winnie Williams' personal Facebook page was available.  This is what showed up:

So, one can only surmise that either Winnie Williams has removed her own page, or it was removed by Facebook when Facebook removed the fake "Jim Woodbury" page.  In my opinion, Winnie Williams most likely is the person who was behind the "Jim Woodbury" and "MNTruth" blog and the person posting nasty comments on my blog. I not only believe this because her personal Facebook page disappeared with the Jim Woodbury page, but also because there are very few people who know the story behind the edited comments from last May - a few select friends and whoever it was posting the comments.  The fact that Jim Woodbury referenced those comments were exactly why I suspected it was the same blogger as MNTruth. Also, Winnie herself references her WordPress and/or software expertise in a variety of places:
Winnie Williams is also the co-Chair of the SWC 833 Yes Yes Yes levy campaign, and on a variety of district committees. 

The question is this:  What is really going on with the school district that would make an otherwise seemingly mellow person turn so vicious when the school district and/or levy campaign are held accountable for their actions and/or decisions?  What is Winnie Williams (if it is her behind these attacks and MNTruth) and the others, (a few of whom seem to be out stealing signs, several of Susan's have gone missing, one today in broad daylight, and attempting to intimidate other candidates and their supporters) trying to protect by their actions?  Do they know things the average citizen doesn't know about the plans the district really has for the levy referendum money?  Or are these folks working at the behest of other people?  Like unions, political organizations or people within the district itself?  Why would my little blog cause so much uproar that they would need to attack me?  As MNTruth said, I'm just a stay-at-home mom with an "average education." 

One last point: On the MNTruth blog, you will notice photos of a family - those are my kids.  That is my family.  MNTruth aka (I believe) Winnie Williams, posted my family photos while attempting to smear me.  If she is MNTruth, this is the person running the 833 Yes Yes Yes campaign.  But you know, she cares about the children...

So that wasn't the last point.  Here is the REAL last point.  Apparently, the Tea Party site wasn't the only place the person posing as Jim Woodbury went today, only below the person is only "Anonymous," but you get the point:

Apparently, whomever was behind the Anonymous comments above, was also busy on The Woodbury Patch today, too.  Funny how the person decided to use  my middle-maiden name: 

And, BTW: The "Britt Hanson" comment is slander; I may be looking for an attorney soon.

"Jim Woodbury" and Winnie Williams' Facebook pages were re-instated by Facebook sometime on Saturday evening. 

Updated 12:01pm November 4, 2013


  1. Thank you for doggedly researching and exposing the truth about the SD833 School Board. No IPads for students at taxpayer expense.
    Vote NO, NO, NO! Please, pretty please, please.....

  2. Thanks for confirming our suspicions. It appears that while attacking a candidate with a good moral background you been supporting a more liberal person. We seen your attempts to paint this person in a bad light. All the people that support school funding are not kool-aid drinking crazies & they don't like being painted in that way. Thanks for finally revealing yourself.

    1. Generally speaking I don't reply to comments, but this one requires some clarification: Where/When have I attacked any candidates?
      As far as "revealing myself" is concerned, I've never hidden my ownership of this blog - some people just didn't know where to look.
      A pretty ridiculous statement coming from a person hiding behind the name "Anonymous," don't you think?