Saturday, February 28, 2015

February PUCK of the Month

The winner of MN Hockey Mama's prestigious "PUCK" of the month award is.........

South Washington County Schools
Ron Kath

That's right, our illustrious leader, Ron Kath, is the winner of the February "PUCK" of the month award.  Ron is a shining example of government leadership at its finest.  Shining like the sun, he led District 833  into the hole to the sum of $8.5 million. In the February 25, Woodbury Bulletin, Ron stated:
The message I took from parents who turned out for recent district budget meetings was that they are willing to pay more to help improve the district's finances and protect education programs.
Really, that what you heard? 

Ron reminds us of Mayor Augustus Maywho, a man who had his tonsils removed twice....

Keep visiting our blog as we reveal more amusing facts on school district mismanagement and government policy tricks that will make your skin turn green.

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