Friday, November 1, 2013

UPDATED! SWC 833 Vote Yes Committee Proves It Only Wants "Good" Comments

UPDATED 8:15am November 2, 2013

A week or two ago, this blog reported about how the South Washington County School District 833 Vote Yes levy campaign committee engaged in censorship on their Facebook page.  Apparently, what was suspected is true: If they LIKE what you have to say, it gets to stay.  Otherwise, expect to have your comments censored and to be blocked from their site.

Case in point:

Kirk Burback's comments before they were removed:

Then the site after being blocked:

There is a new comment on the same post that has (so far) been allowed to remain:

It should be noted that Ms. Kay Myhrman-Toso is a DFL supporter who has given thousands of dollars to Democrat campaigns over the years.  She also doesn't seem to appreciate Michelle Bachmann or it seems, the Tea Party:

Supporters like that make one wonder why anyone would want to join the Vote Yes committee supporters.  Of course, Ms. Myhrman-Toso could be chalked up to being a big-government progressive who is always a-ok with the government taking more money from the people.  Because, you know folks, It's for the children.

Ironically, the statement Kirk Burback posted was true: There has been a Complaint filed with the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings that lists the address issue as one of the reasons for the complaint


The Vote Yes campaign committee has removed the above-mentioned comment from Kay Myhrman-Toso from their Facebook page:

AND the committee has allowed these comments to remain (at least for now):

Interesting comments re: iPads...But am left wondering what exactly is going to get "loose" if people get out and vote?

Updated 8:15am 11/2/2013


  1. Why don't you tell the public you don't support the levy? Are you trying to divert attention away from Susan Richardson & Leilani Homlstadt? We know they don't support our schools. We know they are campaigning against the levy. Stop pretending you are a neutral voice of reason. You are the volunteer coordinator for both these candidates.

  2. Will you hide our comments?

  3. Andrea in you don't post our comments we are going out you for only posting the "good" comments.