Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Cold, Kids, Time to Learn to "Dress for Winter Success!"

The video above is courtesy of South Washington County School District 833: apparently, parents who live in Minnesota (or any cold climate state) have NO IDEA how to dress their children for cold weather, so they must be informed by district employees through a professionally produced video on the correct order cold weather clothes should be put on.  Like parents can't figure out that boots should go on AFTER snowpants or that snowpants need to go on BEFORE a jacket - unless of course one is wearing non-bib-style snowpants, in which case the jacket can go on before the snowpants, but remember, boots go on AFTER the snowpants.
Seriously? Do they really believe parents are this dumb?  Apparently, yes.

How about instead of cutting elementary school band the district cut all meaningless video production?  Just a thought.

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