Monday, July 25, 2011


Since I'm driving my FaceBook friends crazy with my continual postings of world/US events, and my comments, so to alleviate the angst that is being felt by those friends (along with being unfriended and/or blocked by people I really don't want to unfriend or block me), I've decided to start this blog.

A little about me:  I am a conservative libertarian.  I believe in small government and fiscal sanity.  I am a Home Executive, which means I stay at home and run the house in which my husband and four children and I reside. I am very opinionated and have a hard time stepping back from a debate, be it political or whatever.  You can follow me on twitter - MNHockeymama is my tag.

Along with political and current events, I plan to also possibly post just some daily musings from life as I see it, as well as a short-story now and then or a story written in serial form.

I hope you enjoy following my blog.