Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Ever Hockey-themed Gubernatorial Race Ad?

A hockey-themed gubernatorial-race ad caught the eye of this Hockeymama - how could it not?  Made by the campaign for Jeff Johnson for Governor, it features some good stick-handling and nice shots on goal, and the message it conveys isn't so bad, either.

Jeff Johnson's website:, describes the candidate as focusing on three issues: "Jobs, Education and Making Government Work."  These are nice goals, but what specifically is Jeff Johnson promising to do for Minnesota if elected?

According to his website:

My goal will be to make Minnesota the best place to start or expand a business – small or large – in the Upper Midwest. We will not roll over for South Dakota or Wisconsin any more.
Whether that means reducing the burden of government regulations on job creators, setting competitive tax levels, discouraging lawsuit abuse or avoiding corporate welfare that picks winners and losers, Minnesota needs to be a place where small businessmen and women and entrepreneurs actually choose to do business because it makes economic sense for them to be here.
We have a proud history in Minnesota of providing a great education to most of our kids. It’s time we provided that great education to all of our kids.
There’s been enough handwringing over the years about the shameful achievement gap in Minnesota between white students and students of color; we must have the guts to take whatever actions are necessary to give every parent the chance to send their kids to a great school.
Minnesotans are very generous people and most of us are absolutely willing to pay taxes to help the less fortunate among us get on their feet. The problem is, many of the programs we fund don’t produce that result.
On my first day as Governor I will start the process of a top to bottom audit of every program funded by Minnesota taxpayers – starting with our human service programs. The ones that can show they change people’s lives for the better, we will celebrate and bolster. The ones that cannot, we will end.
Let’s make government work in Minnesota.

Looks like a pretty good plan, especially the idea to audit every taxpayer-funded program.  Hopefully that also includes all the school districts that accept millions of taxpayer dollars every year.

There are others running for governor as well, including Scott Honour, Kurt Zellers and Dave Thompson. More research on each of the candidates will be necessary before MNHockeyMama decides which one seems like the best choice for Minnesota.

A great place to check out all the candidates will be at tonight's MN Republican Gubernatorial Candidates' Forum held at The Mermaid Event Center from 7-9pm.

Former Senate candidate Kurt Bills has just endorsed businessman Scott Honour as his pick for Minnesota Governor; it seems a bit premature to be endorsing any of the candidates, but apparently Kurt Bills likes what he sees in Scott Honour's potential as a candidate against Governor Dayton.  The rest of us would be advised to attend tonight's Candidates' Forum and do a little more research before settling on one candidate as Bills already has; though so far for this HockeyMama, Jeff Johnson is leading the pack.

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