Tuesday, July 23, 2013

No Personal Responsibility for Occupy Minneapolis Pot-Smokers (Updated)

(UPDATED 8:54am)

A lawsuit has been filed by Occupy Minneapolis protesters against the Drug Recognition Evaluators program.  According to the Pioneer Press article: 

Officers approached protesters and asked them if they wanted to volunteer for the DRE program. Those who did were taken to a warehouse and given marijuana. Officers watched while they smoked it, the plaintiffs contend.

When the subjects were done, officers dropped them back at Peavey Plaza, next to the Hennepin County Government Center. 

The protesters who VOLUNTARILY went to smoke pot are now claiming that their constitutional rights were violated by the police officers because they were targeted while exercising their right to Freedom of Speech while camping on Peavey Plaza.  In fact, the attorney for the defendants contends that:

...there was no injury and that the protesters volunteered.
"They voluntarily got into police cars and left," Jason Hiveley told Noel. He said there was no proof the subjects were targeted because they were protesters.
He said that in some cases, subjects "volunteered more than once."

This is typical of the Occupy protesters: the very essence of the Occupy Movement was (is?) to remove personal responsibility from society, instead blaming corporations and the so-called rich for all of society's ills and basically begging the government to play "Daddy" to society.  These are the same people who decided that defecating on a police car was a good form of protest and caused millions of dollars of damage at their "encampments." 

Now people who voluntarily left with the police to go smoke weed are trying to blame the police for taking them to smoke weed? How has this case even made it to court in the first place?  

Our country is in deep trouble, and this story shows exactly why: until people decide to take personality responsibility for their own actions, we will continue down the road to destruction of our great country.

Video from the Occupy Minneapolis protest on October 8, 2011:

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