Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling Screwed Yet?

Remember this video from actress Lena Dunham comparing her first time voting for Obama to losing her virginity?

I was so outraged by this condescending and ridiculous video, that I chose to make my own appeal to women voters:

Over the last several weeks, America has watched as scandal after scandal has rocked the Obama administration: Benghazi, IRS targeting Conservative and Religious groups, and the AP wiretaps.  All the while, Americans are told by President Obama: "I heard about this when you did...from the media..." Really? He's saying that the most powerful man in the world is learning about things that are happening in his administration at the same time the American people are. Yep, sure, that's believable; just about as believable as that guy who "doesn't know how that lipstick got on his collar..." or "...passed out again at a buddy's house and had to borrow his buddy's wife's deodorant because his buddy was out of Speed Stick - that's why he smells like lavender..."

That "lavender" stink is the smell of the American people being lied to over and over and over again. Either that or this is the absolutely most out-of-touch and incompetent POTUS America has ever had.

So my question for America - especially those who voted for Obama -  is this: Are you feeling screwed yet?

"Fool me once, shame on you...
                         Fool me twice, shame on me...."

Tweeted by Kevin Jackson at The Black Sphere.

Updated 5/21/2013 8:09pm.

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  1. Poor Lena! Her first sexual experience must have been as dysfunctional as the loser for which she voted. Those who voted for Obama are in love with the white sound of their intellectual life, decanting poisonous old wine into new bottles, fomenting our cultural wars, and picking the scabs off the angry social wounds that heve been with us now for a generation. Time for a new addition to the classic 60's life of free love and one night stands.