Thursday, February 28, 2013

No Investigation by School Board into Black Panthers Honoring Incident

Thomas Sowell says it well:

There are many people in South Washington County School District 833 who seem to agree. Just read the comments following the blog posts about East Ridge High School honoring the Black Panthers for the evidence.

One of the parents who complained to the school board finally received a call back from School Board Member Ron Kath.  He was the member who said that they were investigating the incidence at the last meeting.  Apparently control-freak Superintendent Dr. Jacobus got to Mr. Kath later because now he is agreeing with the Superintendent that the incident was "student-led and misunderstood." Thanks, Mr. Kath, for doing your job and remembering that YOU and the other Board members are Dr. Jacobus's BOSSES, NOT the other way around.  Pathetic.

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