Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lep's Grand Adventure....

Lep trying to drive the rig...

Break Time!


These photos are of my youngest child's ("Buttercup")  favorite stuffed animal, "Lep the Leopard."  My husband won Lep for Buttercup at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.  Lep's almost as tall as Buttercup; she uses him like a body pillow just about every night when she sleeps.

This past weekend, the two little girlies, my son and I traveled to the quaint town of Pipestone, Minnesota, where my husband was working over the weekend.  We stayed in a friend's camper and had a grand old time touring the town and playing at the local water-park.  On Sunday morning, I was attempting to pack us all up for the four hour drive home, when my two older kids decided that it would be fun to play "hide the leopard" without Buttercup's permission.  Chaos ensued, so in order to get them out of my hair for a little while, I ordered them to go swim at the campground's pool.  The angry chaos turned to excitement while they got their suits on and took off for the pool, leaving me to peacefully pack the no A/C SUV and clean the camper.  

The kids came back just as I was finishing up, so I had them change out of their suits before loading them up and heading on the long drive home.  It wasn't until later that night, while I was tucking the girls into bed, that we realized Lep was missing.  Buttercup's big hazel-green eyes filled with tears when we realized that Lep had been left in Pipestone with daddy.  My husband happened to be on the phone at that moment, so he was able to promise Buttercup that he would bring Lep home with him on Tuesday night.  Buttercup's tears abated, but the sadness remained in her eyes.

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon:  Hubby called to let me know that he and his crew were being sent out East to add their skill and labor in the effort to restore power to the millions of people who lost electricity during a massive July 29 storm, so he would not be home for the Fourth of July (which made Sparkles cry) nor would he be bringing Lep home tonight, either (which also hurt Buttercup's heart).

This morning, hubby called me to say that he was on his way out East.  He started laughing as he said, "And guess who is also with me? Lep! He's going to have a grand adventure, too!" He then proceeded to tell me his plan:  he will be sending us photos with Lep in various situations and places as he travels with Hubby on the power restoration trip.  I can't wait to see what Hubby comes up with for Lep - I envision photos of Lep in a bucket-truck, holding a chainsaw, hanging out in the front seat of the truck, in front of local landmarks, etc. I hope Hubby has an extra hard-hat for Lep!

Climbing a Pole

Ah I'm stuck!

Water Break!


  1. Be sure to post some photos of Lep's adventures. Sounds like a great solution to a very real problem!

    1. Joe - check out my FB wall - I've posted photos there.