Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gotta love that Global Warming

Who knew that Global Warming could feel so good?  All the "experts" last fall were predicting that this winter was supposed to bring us colder than normal temps with as much snowfall as we experienced last winter (88" total), but spread out in smaller amounts throughout the winter.

Today, I went to my backyard and cleaned up all the little presents my dogs have left around my yard, dressed in sweatpants & sweatshirt, no gloves, no hat, no scarf.  The presents weren't frozen to the ground, nor were they buried under piles of snow.  If I didn't know today's date, I would have sworn it was late March or even early April as the thermometer on my deck (in the shade) was showing that we were near 60 degrees.

Even if this "January thaw" is short-lived (the experts are predicting temperatures back in the teens/lower twenties by Thursday), it has been a wonderful break for those of us living in freezing flyover country! I just hope that we don't get punished for this weather by the weather gods and have snow in June this year!


  1. Cold temperatures during winter = Season Change and isn't the same as Global Warming. The Earth's average temperature is rising, and that's a fact.

  2. Did you look at the date? That was in the middle of January. Pretty unusual for 60 degrees in MN in January. Just sayin'.